Anonymous Mining
You don't need to register an account in SaturnPool.com and just use your equihash wallet address as the account and begin to mine ZEN/BTCP/KMD here.

Mining Equipment
The popular crypto mining equipments for equihash are GPUs and ASIC. In some cases, Nvidia graphics cards have higher performance than AMD series but this really depends on miners and tuning parameters. We suggest GTX1060, GTX1070 would be better choices in GPU mining for Equihash algorithm.

More and more people choose ASIC miners for their optimal mining equipments because these machines generate much more awesome hashrate numbers and consume less electricity than GPUs. Bitmain Z9 mini, Z9, Innosilicon A9 ZMaster are the most purchased equipments over the past 6 months. We welcome all kinds of equipments join pool mining in SaturnPool.

Miners Recommendation
Pool Connection
You can connect to your favorite pool by using correct URL with dedicated port (see the detail in the table below).
Unfortunately, due to many low diffculty attacks, we decided to support only ASIC mining on 1/14/2019 and shut down all ports supporting CPU/GPU mining.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

Coin URL Port Equipment
asia1.saturnpool.com 3033 ASIC
3038 NiceHash
asia1.saturnpool.com 5033 ASIC
5038 NiceHash
asia2.saturnpool.com 6033 ASIC
6038 NiceHash
asia2.saturnpool.com 7033 ASIC
7038 NiceHash
asia1.saturnpool.com 9033 ASIC
9038 NiceHash

SaturnPool has been 100% compatible with NiceHash mining since 2019. You can find the recommendation here on NiceHash website.
If you'd like to quickly access a specific pool, please click menu of the left side on its short name.

Let's get started.